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Burns Ranch
A distinct advantage to owning this ranch is the planning and care evidenced in its operation and maintenance of its cattle herd. The well planned and maintained watering systems, fencing, roads, cattle handling corrals and equipment, and grass All of the 750 cattle have never been off the ranch. The calves born in February and March each year are weaned in September and the steer calves are sold for delivery in December. The selected best of each year’s heifers are kept, tagged, and integrated into the herd of high-end reputed pure bred Black Angus cattle
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The ranch sits at 3000’ to 3600’ feet and features 4 creeks, 27 spring-fed ponds, 4 solar wells feeding 11 water troughs, 200 miles of fencing, there are 5 sets of working corrals, an 800 cow feedlot, 10,000 pound scales, hydraulic cattle chute, 6 feed barns, metal shop, 2 historic barns, 2 bunkhouses, 2 homes
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The land has had positive wind turbine tests carried out showing potential Approximately 4,500 acres is classified as cropland currently the majority of which is grass, there may be economic incentives to go back to wheat The ranch has allowed restricted and permitted bird, deer, and elk hunting All mineral right interests are included